Monday, October 5, 2015

The Joy of a Transformed Garden

We cut the Sedum back today because we transplanted, moved, and regrouped everything in the gardens. No small task. I love how plants that are prolific in Summer take on the Autumn hues. It almost seems as if they are happy to slow down and just bask in the crisp coolness of the shorter days. My friend and gardening guru suggested that I put the cut pieces in a vase, but I found a basket and experimented. I rather like the look!

I love to garden. Always have. Unfortunately, I have never been good at making my gardens look like the ones in magazines. And at some point during the late summer, I forget I have a garden. This was my garden last summer. Overgrown and neglected.

Until I met Evelyn. She is a Master Gardener (That's a real term-I didn't name her that). She knows plants and flowers-the Latin and the common name. More important, she knows what works and what doesn't. I had a lot of good stuff-just in the wrong places. And I didn't group them. I tried to balance everything out--one here, one in the middle and one on the opposite end. It doesn't work best that way. Grouping the plants is what makes a garden look balanced, abundant, and pleasing to the eye.

This is my garden transformed. It doesn't look like much now, because it's Autumn, and everything was cut back. This is one of 4 beds (and one more to be dug). I can't wait until Spring to see how everything grows the way it's supposed to!

We worked hard today. But the sun came out and warmed our bodies and our souls. People who love to dig in the dirt live for that sun. I'm tired. And achy. It isn't every day that I shovel topsoil into a wheelbarrow and lug load after load of it to the garden(s). Tomorrow, I will be glad I work in an office.

But it's a good tired. A joyful achy. And as I type, I can see the transformed shade garden that once looked so boring. It may just be my favorite garden.

I love that God created flowers and bushes and grasses and trees and colors and sun and shade and rocks and earthworms and dirt and breezes to move the tall grasses and oh so much more! All of this for our enjoyment. Oh the joy the floods my soul at how good God is!

Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. Sounds like fun. Only a gardener thinks that. I love my sedum too. I planted some daffodils a week ago. Also cut back all my flowers. I'm sure that new garden will look great. Are you planting any spring bulbs in it?

    1. Yes! I uncovered a whole bunch, and I'm not even sure what they are, so I may just plop them in and see what comes up. On the other hand, I love tulips so I may just get a whole bunch of new bulbs so I can plan what comes up. I love bulbs, but so do the squirrels. A random tulip comes up every year in the middle of my forsythia!