Monday, January 11, 2016

Getting Rid of Unwelcome and Uninvited Guests

We currently have some unwelcome house guests who came into our home uninvited. They're very quiet; in fact, I'm not sure if they're even still there, but we may be entertaining their children and grandchildren in the near future.

These uninvited and unwelcome guests came a few days after Christmas with an invited guest that stayed a few nights with us. To his credit, he didn't know they were even there. None of us did. Until that house guest went to the vet, where it was discovered that he had...yes..


Luckily, we use Frontline on Lucy religiously, and so far we haven't seen one flea anywhere--on her or in the house. But that doesn't mean they're not there. I won't bore or gross you out with the life cycle of a flea. Suffice it to say, their eggs and larvae can be lurking in the rugs for up to eight months. Yes, eight months.

Therefore, the last few days have been spent furiously washing everything--blankets, throw rugs, dog beds, our bedding (the King slept on our bed when we weren't home). And vacuuming. Every day. Behind the furniture, under the furniture, around the baseboards. 

Then it occurred to me that negative thoughts are like fleas. 

Negativity often comes in the form of lies. Just as it takes only one flea to infect an animal, then to infest your home, it only takes one lie to infect your thoughts, then infest your mind.

Take, for example, the person who makes a mistake at work, and the boss calls her out on it--maybe even in a kind, thoughtful, and gentle tone and manner.

If that person is insecure, that mistake just infected her thoughts. 

She hears, "I'm stupid" (which, by the way, is a lie)

That "stupid" flea has just found a host! It now feeds on her, which sustains the life of the "stupid" flea. That flea now lays more negativity eggs in her thoughts...eggs that say,

"You're bad."
"You can't do anything right."
"You're worthless."
"You'll never amount to anything."
"You should just quit before they fire you."

And so on. 

The average female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. Sounds like a lot, right (and it is!)?

But think about all the negative thoughts that come from one lie. We've all had at least one flea suck the blood from us at one point or another. How many negative thoughts have you believed from one lie?

Here's the kicker:

If those eggs aren't cleaned up they will hatch, and the flea population will grow until there is an infestation. 

In other words, if you do nothing, it will get worse.

We all know people who have been infested with the "negativity flea." Nothing is ever right, no one is ever on their side, and nothing will ever change. Always and never are their favorite words, and blame is their favorite pastime.

In order to halt the process, we need to vacuum those eggs up, and wash anything that we come in contact with. 

That's the only way to kill the offspring of the lie.

We vacuum our thoughts by replacing them with truth. And the one who tells us that truth is the One Who IS Truth---God. 

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me 
(John 14:6).

On the practical side, we ask and then tell ourselves the truth:

Am I stupid? 
Probably not...No!

Can I do anything right?
Sure, I do lots of things right (and then find those things and tell yourself what they are).

Are they going to fire me?
No, or the boss would have already done so. Everyone makes mistakes.

Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.
(Psalm 25:5)

Therefore, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
(John 8:32)

When I vacuum, the vibration in the fibers where those little critters are hiding wakes them up, and that's when the vacuum gets them. 

When we speak forth the truth, the vibration of our Lord's Presence will wake up those pesky thoughts, and when we take authority over them, they are sucked into God's holy vacuum. 

And washing? Well, to be honest, washing will destroy those little pests, but it is actually the high heat of the dryer that kills the fleas/eggs/larvae/pupae. So, turn up the heat! 

Tell the Father of Lies--Satan--the truth that comes from the Word of God. Don't let him plant that seed of doubt, the lie that will infest your mind! Let the heat of the Son break through the clouds of doubt and confusion and wash away those thoughts with His blood and the water of His Word!

And remember--you have to do this EVERY DAY because the eggs are in various stages in your mind. 

Get rid of those uninvited and unwelcome guests. Don't let them lie dormant or they'll come out to play when you least expect it. And then they'll reproduce, and the whole cycle will begin again. Be proactive and stop the cycle before it gets out of control!

Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. Love your analogies, Mary! Kale, fleas: look at the good you make of some of the things most people consider "bad"! ;) Hope it's a marvelous Monday for you. ( that an oxymoron?)

    1. The thing is, Elizabeth, that same day one friend had a double mastectomy, another friend was in rehab for a mini stroke, and awaiting a probable cancer diagnosis, another had asked me to pray for someone who'd had a botched surgery and was on a respirator, and looking at a looooong recovery...for a simple procedure. I counted myself lucky that it was only fleas. Perspective, m'dear...perspective.

  2. Oh Mary! This was great! What struck me first was that over Christmas, we had those very same uninvited guests that came with an invited guest! Our son visited with his cute pup who had a couple of hitchhikers on her (they must have jumped on board when they entered California because they have no fleas where he lives in the winter). But, I went through the washing/drying/vacuuming fun as well! Oh, and the pup went to the vet and got flea meds! (Our cat already was protected.)

    Anyway, what a great analogy! Comparing negativity and lies to the blood-sucking flea is perfect. They annoy, depress and drain us of life!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings, Joan

    1. Hitchhikers-I like that! Yes, our grand-dog didn't bring any intentionally--also, no one has found one flea in any dwelling or on any animal...hopefully you and I both got all those pesky eggs, larvae etc. Yuck!Thanks for visiting.

  3. Ok, Ok, I am absolutely dying laughing at Fleas Navidad!! (I actually skipped down to start my comment after I saw that!) Back to reading the rest of the post...

    Oh yes, how apropos are your words to me (for if you remember, Negative Nora is one of my housemates). I really like this analogy of using fleas for negative thoughts, and I love the way that you expanded on that. Pesky lies can soon become infestations. I know that, for sure. And I think that's probably one of the reasons that God has given me the word (challenge?!) grateful for my focus this year. It's tough, as I keep wanting to scratch at those fleas, whose insistent biting continues.

    I'm going to have to use some spiritual Raid, I think:

    R esisting
    A nd
    I gnoring the
    D evil



    1. oh Sharon, I always love your acronyms! And the Fleas Navidad? Well, I didn't want to put a real picture of a flea. They're nasty looking critters. So, tell Negative Nora to hit the road. Grateful Gretl is on the warpath!

  4. Oh, I love this.

    You're completely right- the only way to rid ourselves of lies is to spend time in the Truth!

  5. Great analogy, Mary. I was waiting to hear those unexpected visitors were! I was hoping it wasn't mice. ha. My daughter came home with head lice from 6 weeks in Guatemala--those were NOT welcome guests either. And it took a long time to get rid of them. But the truth does eventually set us all free! The truth in her case took the form of a lice removal group who went strand by strand to pick out the eggs. Yikes. I want Jesus to give me more of a blanket treatment of his truth instead of one lie at a time, but he knows best! :) Thanks for this post.

    1. oh, ew! That's a lot worse, I think. We still haven't seen one flea anywhere in anyone's home.

  6. Very well said. And the comparison is spot on.