Monday, January 18, 2016

It's Just the Wind

This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.
Ecclesiastes 2:26

I don't have a bathroom where I work.

It's true. I work in a construction yard with no running water. I have a port-o-potty. And this time of year, it's...well, not very comfortable.

I take care of a few homes of people who live in Florida for the winter, checking every week or so to make sure no pipes burst, the heat still works, etc. One of those homes is only a few minutes from my place of employment, and I was due for a visit anyway, so I did double duty (no pun intended)--I visited her home and used her bathroom.

I was..ahem..doing my duty in her powder room, right next to the entrance from the garage, when I heard the door from the garage open and slam shut! Someone was in the house???

Panicking, I quickly closed the bathroom door and then a half second later realized that no one but me should be in the house. I panicked a second time! From my perch on the throne I yelled, most authoritatively, "Who's there?"

No answer.

Really, Mare?

If someone was in the house, do you really think they'd answer you? If they were breaking in, do you really think they'd slam the door? And what was I really going to do sitting on the toilet?

Then I realized that, since I'd left the garage door open, and apparently hadn't fully closed the entry door, the wind had not only blown it open, but sucked it closed.

Silly me.

Wind is a funny thing. We can't see it, but we can feel it. We can't hear wind on its own, but when obstacles are in its path, sound is made to "create" the sound of what we call wind. We only think we can hear it. Wind, on its own is invisible and inaudible. It's powerful--I won't deny that--but it needs a catalyst to be seen or heard.

I won't pretend to completely--or even partially--understand exactly what King Solomon meant in Ecclesiastes when he spoke of everything being meaningless--I mean, it's sort of a depressing book--but I do know that he compared meaningless to chasing after the wind. Many times. That I get--boy do I get that!

Imagine trying to chase the wind? If I hadn't figured out that the wind was the intruder in my client's house, and I crept through the house trying to catch the culprit, I would never find it. My search would be futile and meaningless, not to mention time-consuming. Not to mention that I'd look pretty stupid.

How often do we chase after things that are not ours to have? What about chasing after things that we think will bring us happiness, only to discover the emptiness that follows? We're on a constant quest for more--more knowledge, more money, more power, more religious freedom, more tolerance, even more wisdom...we get more and we want more. It's never enough. It all becomes meaningless, like chasing after the wind.

The only thing that satisfies is Jesus.

Maybe that's what King Solomon was talking about. 

We chase after what we cannot see or hear--that "wind" that we only think we see and hear--but it's fleeting. It ceases as abruptly as it began. It changes direction. And even if we do catch the wind, it slips out of our hands as if it were never there.

It opens a door, then slams it shut. It makes us yell, "Who's there?" And when we don't get an answer, we fear the worst from that which we cannot see or hear. We live in a constant state of anxiety, despite our accumulation of all things more.

We cannot see God, and we cannot audibly hear Him; nevertheless, chasing after Him means that we have purpose, direction, and meaning. Maybe it's because we get more of what we truly need, not what we think we want. We get closer to Him. We get mercy, peace, and forgiveness. 

We get unlimited access to immeasurable grace to receive undeniable life everlasting through unconditional love that leads to incomparable salvation through the incomprehensible death of our unequaled Savior.
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Now that---the wind of the Spirit--is a wind worth chasing. 

But just to be safe, I'll make sure the door closes properly next time.

Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. Hi Mare. Great post! We have had some loud winds in the evenings lately. In the dark, when you hear those roaring winds and the sound of things blown about, it does create an environment of anxiety in your heart. What we can't see with our eyes can have a powerful effect on us. Thing is, this is true in the joyful positive effect of His Spirit as much as the destructive elements of high winds. I'm challenged to choose which way my thoughts and meditations will blow when the wind kicks up and fear startles me in a vulnerable place like the commode. Taking this with me into the day. Email me with details from the conference you went to!
    Love ya!

    1. Thanks, Kathy. It's been a hectic week. Will be in touch soon. Hope you're surviving the blizzard!

  2. The Holy Spirit's name is - Ruach Ha-kodesh. Ruach generally means wind, breath, mind, spirit. I love the image of the Holy Spirit hovering over the earth, like a wisp of wind, and then, the unleashed power of a hurricane as the work of creation is thundered into existence! Very exciting indeed!

    At my mountaintop home, the wind is often quite powerful. But I love the idea that the wind can only be perceived by its influence on something else. Oh, that my life would show evidence of the presence of Ruach Ha-kodesh!! (Instead of all the other "hot air"...)


    (OK, love the visuals in this one! My kind of girl...)

    1. I love that-Ruach Ha-kodesh. I love the way it sounds-getting all caught up in your throat. I love saying the names of God.

  3. So good! I will chase after the Wind of the Spirit always... but chasing after the wind? I tire out quickly and it cannot be caught! But the Spirit? Well, He wants us to chase and to grab hold! Amen!

    1. Somehow, Karrilee, the wind of the Spirit is something that can be grasped-in a way. Interesting thoughts to dwell on I think. THanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi, Mare! I followed your link-up over at Monday Musings. We both posted on the same subjects(or at least both were sharing from the book of Ecclesiastes). Ultimately, we both agreed that, as you wrote, "The only thing that satisfies is Jesus." Check out my post at -

    1. I read your blog, Ann. It was lovely and yes, very much on the same theme. Thank you for taking the time to read mine.

  5. Mary,
    This is lovely. I am following you from Sharing His Beauty. Love your story and I will always remember this when I think of that verse from Ecclesiastes. I didn't see this post on Word of God Speak but hope you link there too.

    1. Oh, Janis, I've been so busy at work that I haven't had time to devote to my blog--I've actually had to work! And other evening obligations prevented me from staying connected with everyone this week. Hopefully, I will get something posted next week on Word of God Speak. Thanks for visiting.