Monday, March 7, 2016

33 People Not Worth Saving

With the help of the internet, I've compiled a list of  the most evil people ever to live. 33 to be exact. Why 33? I'll explain. But first, the list. In no particular order, the winners (or should I say--losers--are:

  1. Adolph Hitler
  2. Joseph Stalin
  3. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini
  4. Kim Il Sung
  5. Charles Manson
  6. Attila the Hun
  7. Jeffrey Dahmer
  8. Fidel Castro
  9. King Herod 
  10. Pol Pot
  11. Saddam Hussein
  12. Emperor Hirohito
  13. Andrei Chikatilo (The Butcher)
  14. Osama bin Laden
  15. Elizabeth Bathory
  16. Nero
  17. Idi Amin
  18. Talat Pasha
  19. Henreich Himmler
  20. Haman (See the book of Esther)
  21. Caligula
  22. Mao Zedong
  23. Ivan the Terrible
  24. Genghis Khan
  25. Luis Garavitor (The Beast)
  26. Leopold II of Belgium
  27. Vlad Dracula (didn't know he was the "inspiration" for the Dracula legend)
  28. Josef Mengele
  29. Ted Bundy
  30. Tomas de Torquemada
  31. Adolf Eichmann
  32. Dennis Raider
  33. Maximilien Robespierre

Compiling this list was disturbing. I read the stories of all these evil people, and there were more who I chose not to include, simply because I needed to limit it to 33. What was equally disturbing was the more I read, I found myself saying, "Well, I'm not sure this guy makes the list. He only murdered 17 people, as opposed to this guy who murdered 300." Only 17? 

With the exception of the crazy serial killers, most were leaders who were responsible for genocides. Amazingly, Hitler was not the only one who killed in the millions. 

Truly evil.

Were any of them worth saving? 

Yes. Every one of them. 

Jesus would have--and did--die for each one of those evil people. They were worth saving. Jesus saw their lives as valuable. They were the ones who chose to follow evil instead.

Why 33?

Hubbles and I watched the movie, The 33 last night. It's the true story of the 2010 Chilean mine collapse in which 33 men were trapped underground for 69 days. 

The mine was privately owned, and when this happened, the owners had neither the resources nor the skill and knowledge to save the miners. So they did nothing.

The government intervened but upon inspection, deemed the situation too dangerous to proceed. The rescue operation was halted. 

Thirty three men's lives were deemed not worth saving.

But those thirty three men had families who thought otherwise. I won't tell you any more, in case you want to see the movie.

Someone once described a person to me as, "not worth the skin they're in." I was appalled. How dare we decide that?
Thirty three evil people.
Thirty three miners.
Thirty three people we just don't like.

Who are the "thirty three" in your sphere of influence that you've decided aren't worth saving? 

Maybe it's only one person--that "evil" person you just can't stand--or forgive--but Jesus still hung on that cross for that one person. It is not up to us to decide the fate or salvation of another. It's up to God. And He has decided that every being that He gave life to is worth saving.

Blessings Along the Path,

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The 33: IMDb

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  1. Mary, This is soooo good. We love to judge and hate . . . to feel "better than." And although it's true, those individuals committed horrid crimes against society we all need Jesus. He loved, died, and rose again for each of us. Sharing this one all over today. :-)

    1. Thank you, Deb! That one line in that movie really got to me! Thanks for sharing with your sphere of influence.

  2. There are some names on your list that are not familiar to me. I might just have to look them up. But I like these two points that you made: 1) Many of these people were world leaders ("Absolute power corrupts absolutely" - John Dalberg-Acton); and 2) Each of these people were worth saving.

    That is perhaps the truly shocking thing about Jesus' death on the cross. It was for EVERYONE. Not just the *good* people, but the truly evil, too. We forget the fact that when we were unsaved, our sin made us true enemies of God. And we stood in just as desperate need of salvation as every person on your list.

    I have even found myself feeling sorry for people like Judas. Yes, I know that he betrayed Jesus, but it makes me sad that when he realized what he had done, he never found a way to repent.

    Great post, and great points.


    (Personally, I think Snidely Whiplash got a bad rap...)

    1. Sharon, I too feel sorry for Judas! I think that people forget that Judas was chosen by Jesus--he was CHOSEN! Chosen to lead, to follow--Jesus saw something great in Judas, and He also knew that Judas would betray him. Peter betrayed him too. So do we. I think that Judas loved Jesus so much that he felt that his sin was unpardonable. He truly didn't understand the forgiveness that Jesus would offer him, if he'd only stayed alive for 3 more days! I love that you brought him up. He almost made it on my list, but I don't think Judas was evil. He made a bad choice, as do we all. Thank you for your points, as always. I love your contributions to my blog!

  3. Yes, the Lord would have NONE to perish, but unfortunately there are those who choose to follow evil. We have such a loving God. It amazes me that some people blame Him when bad things happen instead of placing the blame on the evil and the people who choose to do evil. God is long suffering and full of mercy. This was a good post. Your title caught my eye on a few link ups, so I just had to check it out. Please come share your posts at!
    God bless.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Chris. Someone (I don't remember who) recently said something to the effect of people always blaming God for the bad or the wrong but not giving God the same amount of blame when things go right or good. I thought that was a good point.

  4. Interesting! Let us never think that someone is not worth saving, either spiritually or physically like the miners.

    1. Thanks, Kathleen. Thanks for visiting.

  5. What a great article. I was completely intrigued. Our true worth comes from Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross for us. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Sitting Among Friends, Mary. I hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks, Jaime! I may link up the same post this week, since I was so late on last week's.

  6. Thanks for this post! It caught my attention because of a post that I wrote on a similar topic ( in which I used the same "evil guy" graphic (haha!).
    But I love what I see on your blog. I'll have to visit again sometime.
    And by the way, I also wrote a post on the passage you use as your header: Would love to hear your thoughts!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lydia. I love to read other posts of similar topics to see what I might have missed in my own! The Word is so rich with meaning.

  7. Challenging post but you're absolutely right. It's easy to judge others and think of them as "evil", but none of us meet God's standards either and we all need his mercy. Visiting from Weekend Whispers.

    1. Ah, Carly, it is too easy to label others as evil--I actually wanted to make #33 the person you deal with every day that you can't stand. Because we too often say, "That person is evil/a jerk/etc." I once heard someone say to be careful when we point because there are stil three fingers pointing back at you." Thanks for popping over.

  8. Congratulations! This post was featured on the link up party this week at So Much at Home. I hope you will come link up more this week.

    1. Wow, thank you Chris! What an honor. Glad I found your linkup.

  9. This was a fascinating list...intriguing. I'll have to look some of them up and see who they were! This really gets the message across that no one is beyond the saving grace of our Saviour.
    Thanks for linking up with Grace and Truth.

    1. I admit, Aimee, I didn't know who a good many of them were. My husband knew them all, and rolled his eyes when I said that I thought one of them was actually a good guy (I won't say who, to protect my dignity). I'm really not too smart when it comes to history, especially remembering dates and names--which is pretty much what history is all about! Thanks for visiting.

  10. Mary what a fantastic post! I now want to see the movie 33! It's easy to have those feelings towards someone and not realize it. If we are not careful, those feelings of bitterness, resentment, or even superiority can creep into our hearts...just the way Satan wants. I must admit I was more susceptible to harbor those kind of feelings before the stroke. I am now striving to have a spirit of humility and forgiveness like Christ and when those feeling come in now I confess. I am humbled by God's forgiving love and undeserved grace. Thank you for sharing this wonderful reminder that we are saved by grace. Have a wonderful weekend and may God bless you and yours!

    1. Thank you Horace! I'm glad to hear that you've made a decision to change your lifestyle, which includes your attitude! I think that alone can greatly contribute to a stroke. You truly understand that you've been given a second chance. Many people get that at first, then go right back to their old ways. Thank you for your kind words.