Monday, July 18, 2016

Finding Joy in Being Still

My dog, Lucy loves to lay in the sun. 

Sometimes, when I'm home on the weekends, I'll grab a cup of coffee early in the morning and follow her out. I'll sit at the table, pondering life, listening to the birds, and enjoying the feel of the warm sun on my face. I try to clear my mind to hear God, but too often, things like my to-do list creep in, and I get up as soon as I'm finished with my coffee.

This past Saturday I sat and watched Lucy. There was nothing to watch really. She lay in the grass, breathing quietly and steadily. She didn't move for the longest time. It seemed as if she had waited all morning for this moment--this time to just bask in the sun. It gave her such joy, that it was almost as if she were to move, it would ruin the moment.

I never realized that joy could be contained--savored in quiet moments. To me, joy is explosive and expressive. But watching Lucy made me realize that I'm missing a lot by not being still.

Her simple joy of simply being still and basking in the warmth of the sun made me want the same. It is my desire to become so focused on running to the Son to bask in the warmth of His Presence that I can think of nothing else. Why oh why must I always have an agenda--even on a weekend? Why can't I find the joy of just being? The joy of savoring the stillness? Oh to be still and know that He is God! Sometimes the simplest things are the most difficult to attain and achieve.

This is my prayer for you and for me. In a time where the world is in turmoil, where fear lurks and threatens to overtake us, where mistrust and hatred run rampant---that we can stand by the door, anxiously awaiting for it to open, where we run into the heat of the Son and allow the rays of His love to shine on us and melt away the fear and anxiety. Only then will we experience joy unspeakable that is savored only in being still and knowing that He is God.

Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. I love this - today I also wrote something about our *family* dog, Marty! And yes, one of the great lessons our furry friends teach us about is the sheer joy of rest and relaxation, and how when our lives are secure in the love of our Master, we can find it!


  2. It's always a pleasure to "see" you here, Sharon. I've been so sporadic with my blogging, and otherwise busy. So I apologize for the delayed response. I'll get over to read your post soon. I thought I subscribed, but I guess not. I do love your posts.