Thursday, February 23, 2017

Alongside Review AND GIVEAWAY!

“Let me know what I can do.”

We’ve all said those well-intended words, but the truth is when someone is in the midst of a life-altering situation, they often don’t know what they need. Reaching out for help is not natural or automatic.

That’s why we need to learn to reach in and come alongside.

Sarah Beckman is no stranger to trial and crisis, having been on both the giving and receiving end of help countless times. She knows what to do (and not do) and what to say (and not say)—she knows how to best put into practice the words of Jesus Christ:

Love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:39).

Alongside: A Practical Guide for Loving Your Neighbor in Their Time of Trial is the guidebook that every person should read and keep handy, regardless of their relationship with God.

The book is written from a Biblical perspective with the Christian in mind, but the person who is not a believer can greatly benefit from the practical wisdom and tips Beckman offers.

Working from the premise that “it’s not all about you,” Beckman shares real and meaningful ways to help. She covers everything from the way most of us know how to help—cooking a meal—to getting over our fear and offering prayer. She tackles tough subjects like what to do when someone is aging, has terminal cancer, or is in a messy situation. She offers time-tested tips on what not say, how to choose wise words, and when to do something without asking.

Alongside redefines intentional love.

I dog-eared and highlighted this book in a way I’ve never done before. I believe that’s because while it was inspirational and helped me gain confidence that I have been doing some things right, Alongside is more of a reference book that should not be placed back on the bookshelf when completed. In fact, I’d recommend that every person on every care team in every church use Alongside as a manual.

I know…you can’t wait to read it, right? 

Well, I have a copy to give away!

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is comment on this blog, on Facebook, or via an email response to me. I will announce the winner on my next blog post, sometime in early March. Contest is open until March 3.

You can purchase Alongside, A Practical Guide for Loving Your Neighbor in Their Time of Trial, by Sarah Beckman through, Barnes and Noble, or wherever you prefer to purchase books.

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  1. This is a fine giveaway. Would love to win it.

    1. Thank you Marion. I'll announce the winner in early March